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In the frames of the programme « The fundamentals of RF policy in the field of science and technology development till 2010 and in future» in Nizhniy Novgorod region the Open Technopark is being created in Sarov on basis of the technologies of RFNC-VNIIEF and its Russian and foreign partners. International programmes and projects will help its development effectively and that is a good example of public and private capital integration for the purposes of science and technology development.

The Technopark is to provide functioning of supporting points for the growth of regional innovation infrastructure. Among the main objectives of the Technopark is technology transfer, development of new activities, support of regional initiatives in order to create a material and technical, social and cultural, service and financial basis for the effective development of small- and middle-scale innovation enterprises, to commercialize scientific knowledge, inventions and high technologies, and to advance them at the market. International cooperation will surely produce the maximal effect combining all advantages of the Technopark with financial support of strong enterprises, extensive marketing network, and production distribution.


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TECHNOPARK is an organized social and industrial infrastructure where new companies appear and develop.

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